Yoga is so much more than just ‘exercise’ – Yoga is an ancient discipline that uses physical exercises, breathing, concentration and conscious awareness to bring about a healthy body and mind. Practised mindfully, yoga can help you develop strength and flexibility, release stress, alleviate structural pain (such as knees, back, neck), feel more calm and centred, regain vitality and interest in life.

Yoga is suitable for all ages, almost all physical conditions and importantly it is fun!

Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga is highly regarded for its healing properties when recovering from an injury or illness. It is also one of the few “exercise” programmes that can truly be called safe and non-invasive due to the extreme attention given by the teacher to correct body alignment, posture and each individual’s ability to work within their own parameters. Everyone in the class is encouraged to work at their own pace and own level so there is no pressure to “keep up with the class”.

Yoga has so much to offer:

Physical Benefits

  • improved flexibility of muscles and joints
  • improved muscular strength
  • improved overall tone and suppleness of your body
  • awareness of how your body works and moves
  • recognising tensions and tight areas in your body and understanding how to release or reduce that tension or pain
  • improved balance and co-ordination
  • improved posture, regaining natural poise and feeling of youthfulness
  • learning how to breathe more deeply and release restrictions around the chest
  • Toning, activating, massaging and strengthening of all the body’s systems and internal organs.

Emotional benefits

  • learning relaxation techniques and experiencing deep relaxation
  • improved concentration
  • learning to let go of negative emotions or thoughts
  • improving self worth and confidence
  • an ability to achieve inner peace and stay calm under pressure
  • mind becomes more sensitive and alert

Tension is who you think you should be – Relaxation is who you are.